Marshall Triple 5″ LCD Rackmount Monitors

Three independently controlled 5″ active matrix LCD panels with active loop through feature. These 5” panels have 960 x 234 pixels producing a true high resolution image. This unit also has a unique feature that allows the unit to tilt up or down for optimum viewing angle. The unit fits into an EIA standard 19” rack, 3U high.

Each of the three screens has a built-in color bar generator, individual front mounted selector buttons with LED indicators and color, tint, brightness and contrast controls. Each screen has two composite video inputs and outputs, and a VGA input for computer monitoring. The unit includes power supply and manual.

High Resolution, 960 × 234 pixels, 224,640 total
Ultra bright 350 candle luminance.
Two composite video inputs per monitor with active loop through.
Individual color, tint, brightness and contrast controls for each panel.
Built-in Color Bar Generator.
Unique 180 degree tilt adjustment while mounted in rack.
Display (Viewing Area) 5″ (4.75″ × 2.95″).
Resolution (Pixels) 960 H × 234 V.
Dot Pitch 0.107mm × 0.320mm.
Brightness (in cd/m²) 350 cd/m².
Dimensions 19.125 × 5.14 × 2.5″ (WxHxD).
Approx. Weight 5 lbs.
Power Consumption 12 DC, 2.0 Amps.

2000s, LCD Monitor, Military/Government, Present Day, Set Dressing

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