– Eight Input Digital Production Switcher
– Real Time Character Generator
– Up to Four Independent Downstream Keys
– Animation and Paint Compositing Tools
– Real-Time 3D Video Warp Effects Creation Tool
– Eight Input Digital Audio Mixer

    Live Broadcast Production Switcher

On-screen switcher panel provides live access to video sources with full color correction plus multiple still stores and matte generators.
Live control over transitions, digital video effects, animated overlays, title rolls and crawls.
Active real-time chroma-keying and virtual set compositing.
On-screen video preview windows with vectorscope and waveform monitors.
Multi-format I/O, built-in true color correction, flexible chroma, luma and linear keying, RS-422 VTR control, GPI triggers and separate video preview, unparalleled real-time 3D visual effects, organic wipes, dramatic virtual set capabilities and 32-bit animating graphics.

    Paint, Animating and Compositing

High-performance object-oriented 2D paint engine capable of nearly infinite layering
Vector drawing tools, including geometry, freehand, particle clouds and soft airbrushes
Extensive control of stroke properties such as transparency, soft edges and drop shadows
Powerful image-processing strokes such as blur, magnify, colorization and posterization
Properties of strokes can be animated over time with on-screen and timeline control
Comprehensive Real-Time Hybrid Linear/Non-Linear Editor.

Position, edit, scrub and play through dual video streams, 3D DVE, 32-bit animating graphics, still stores, 3D video tracing, CG rolls and crawls, organic wipes and warp effects.
Advanced timeline-based video editing user interface with real-time effects (no rendering)
Parallel tracks for video, audio, transitions, effects and up to four graphic overlays without rendering.
Supports common professional video editing tape decks through RS422 transport control
Extensive picon-based video and audio clip management features and user-defined bin storage
Supports flexible combination of hybrid linear and non-linear systems

    On-Air-Character Generator

Sophisticated titling treatments, text effects and formatting
Delivers a wide range of text attributes, flexible multi-layering and smooth real-time text effects
Contains over 100 scaleable fonts from the industry-standard Bitstream broadcast font library
On-screen user interface for text layout and font typestyle editing
Based on a powerful font rasterizing engine, using Windows� True-Type� font faces
Independent application of image and transparency maps for face, border, sides and shadow
Loads most common image formats for backgrounds, textures, images, logos, etc.
Creates smooth sub-pixel variable-speed rolls and crawls

    Breakthrough Real-Time 3D Digital Video Effects

Includes a wide variety of 2D and 3D effects with 32-bit graphics and animation
Can make your own effects in GlobeCaster’s 2D or optional 3D software.
Features live production capabilities never before possible, such as Warp Geometry FX and Video Tracing.
Place actors on virtual sets, complete with real-time reflections and refractions
Sub-pixel positioning, smooth filtering and edge anti-aliasing ensures broadcast-quality output.

1990s, 2000s, Control Room, Playback, Set Dressing

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