Extron MVP104 Multi-Window Processor (Quad+)

– Accepts up to four NTSC or PAL inputs.
– Three multi-image outputs.
– Picture controls for each window — Horizontal and vertical sizing, positioning, and blanking controls for each window.
– Freeze control — Freeze individual windows of the multi-image output. Freezing all windows simultaneously is available through RS-232.
– Factory and user memory presets — 20 factory and 24 user memory presets are provided for one, two, three, or four window display outputs. Presets include horizontal and vertical sizing, positioning, blanking, and priority settings for all windows.
– Blanking control — Variable horizontal and vertical blanking for each window allows users to add black bars at the top, bottom, left, and right edges of the window to eliminate edge noise.
– Audio switching — Features a 4×1 stereo audio switcher with captive screw connectors for selecting the desired audio of any video input.
– Genlock — All video outputs can be synchronized to an external reference signal.

Control Room, Equipment, Playback

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