Extron MGP464 Multi-Window Processor (Quad+)

– Combines Video, HDTV, and high resolution RGB input sources into four windows on a single display.
– Inputs: Four universal analog video inputs on BNCs for RGBHV up to 1920×1200, component video up to 1080p HDTV or composite video; 15 virtual video inputs accept various combinations of composite video and component video sources; live background input on DVI; and optional inputs – four DVI-D or two DVI-D and two HD-SDI.
– Outputs: Scaled picture-in-picture output on DVI-D and RGBHV, RGBS, RGsB, or HD component video.
– Simultaneously outputs analog RGB computer-video or HDTV component video signals and digital DVI.
– Adjustments for window positioning, sizing, zoom, and priority; background and window border color selection.

Computer, Control Room, Equipment, Playback

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